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Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! (301) 686-5331

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Are you tired of missing out on tax sale opportunities in Maryland? Let us help you!

Getting in on a good tax sale could be a great way to diversify your income opportunities. People often don’t know the first step to take or listen to bad advice and have a bad experience. There’s no need to worry with LewisMcDaniels on your side.

With over 15 years of experience, our firm has helped many clients navigate tax sales. Serving Germantown, MD, LewisMcDaniels helps to ensure that buyers have all they need to execute their deals.

While it is your sole discretion to participate in any tax sales, our firm can offer the guidance you need to maximize your opportunities. We provide various services to help prepare you, guide you, and fight for your rights as a buyer.


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What Are Tax Sales

Tax Sales Attorney, Germantown, MD

The most common type of property liens are tax liens. Tax liens are debt notes placed on a property when the homeowner hasn’t paid their property taxes. These liens are placed on properties by a local or state government.

These tax liens are often auctioned off, and the person who buys them pays the government agencies that are owed the taxes. The buyer can then recoup what they paid plus interest from the homeowner.

These sales don’t typically end in the tax lien buyer owning the property. Instead, they are repaid the cost of the property taxes and accrued interest.

How Can A Tax Sale Litigation Lawyer Help Me?

As a tax sale litigation firm in Germantown, MD, LewisMcDaniels can help you before you buy a tax lien, during the process, and after the sale has closed.

Our firm helps with several investor tasks that are needed before and after the sale has been completed. We center on what is in your best interest as the buyer. Some of these tasks include:

  • Property due diligence
  • Risk analysis
  • Potential return analysis
  • Bidding strategy
  • Title examinations
  • Tax sale litigation representation

No matter what stage of the process you are in, our Germantown, MD, firm will be able to help you. We are dedicated to making sure your rights as a buyer are protected. Just as with any business deal, getting the correct information and making the best decision for you is essential.


Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

Do I Have To Go To Court To Complete A Tax Sale?

Tax Sales Attorney, Germantown, MD

Generally, the tax sale is completed once you remit payment to the agency to which it is owed. Tax sale litigation can occur when there has been a discrepancy between parties.

For example, if you pay an amount you were told was the correct outstanding amount but find out later that more money is owed. Another example is the homeowner who is paying you back suddenly stops paying you or files for bankruptcy.

All of these scenarios could lead to litigation. In that case, you would call LewisMcDaniels to represent you. We have years of experience helping tax sales buyers in litigation cases. While missing out on a potential investment can be unsettling, facing a lawsuit is the worst-case scenario.

LewisMcDaniels ensures assistance from the beginning, allowing us to focus on the clarity of the deals themselves. Although you are not the homeowner, you are often helping them either not get foreclosed on or forego bankruptcy. It is usually much easier for the homeowner to pay back an investor than to face agencies with very strict policies.

You still have rights as a buyer; sometimes, it can be hard to remember that. Although it may seem like you are at a loss, we can help you strategize.

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Whether you need to take someone to court or need representation with a deal that went sour, our firm can answer your questions. We will curate the best plan of action for you and your needs.

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Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

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