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Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! (301) 686-5331

“This law firm was recommended to us by a law professor friend. Ryan did a great job finding and handling all the pieces of information related to our real estate dispute, some of which was over 60 years old. He clearly explained to us the processes involved, and had several alternative strategies with pluses and minuses from which we could choose. His presentations to the court were clear and to the point. We particularly liked his concern that we spend no more money on this case than was absolutely necessary, and appreciated the discount of some of the cost at the end. I would certainly hire he again and recommend him to those who are involved in real estate issues.”– Linda

“Great for foreclosing on tax liens. Yes, I have hired him. The process was quick and easy. Thanks.”– Jeremy W.

“Great real estate attorney for tax deed certifications. I have hired him many times.”– Eric H.

“Consluted for a real estate transaction. Went smooth. Was very professional. Thanks!”– Jeremy L.

“I Highly recommend LewisMcDaniels …Since day 1, Nick not only kept his word to doing his very best to get my case expunge but he showed he cared as well. Nick fought hard for me till the very end, even when obstacles arose. He had faith even when I did not which helped me to calm my nerves. He even helped me to understand how certain legal politics go. Each time we went to court I felt confident that I was being represented very well. Thanks to Nick, I was able to end my probation early, get my record expunged, and finally move on with my life.”– Kevin

“Nick made it easy to get my will done, everything was done electronically and given these crazy COVID-19 times, I was even able to sign my will via Zoom. Nick took care of everything for one flat fee.”– Vickie

“Mr. McDaniels is my lawyer. I highly recommend his services. He is very professional and very accessible. He handled my potential lawsuit concerning a contractor who failed to do proper work on my home of which work was performed in 2012. Through him, we were able to reach a settlement out of Court. He is very upfront and aggressive. I have personally worked for lawyers for 18+ years, and Mr. McDaniels is a great lawyer and a very down to earth person to speak to. You can feel at ease in speaking to him as opposed to other attorneys. I plan to continue to use him in the future for other issues I have in mind. Thank you Nick for always being available to text in the evening and on the weekends when I was terribly stressed about my home!”– A Satisfied Client

“Nick handled a house sale, will, and advance directive for me. His advice was always clearly explained, and he anticipated situations I was unaware of. I trust him completely and will continue to use him as my personal and family lawyer.”– Nadine

“Our financial advisor had referred us to Nicholas to help us with our prenuptial agreement before my husband and I got married. He brought up details we hadn’t thought about and was extremely responsive and informative throughout the process. We will hire him again for any estate needs we have in the future and highly recommend.”– A Satisfied Client

“When looking for representation, what attributes do we look for to help us make our decision? Experience, tenior, success rate, availability. The list goes on. My decision to choose Nicholas McDaniels to represent me in rent court was because of his outstanding reviews from previous clients. Folks spoke of him always being there for questions and concerns. Nick knows how to connect to his clients on every level. He kept me informed every step of the way, cc’ing me in on every email correspondence to the other party. He is clever and crafty at every turn and goes above and beyond. He doesn’t sugar coat any bad news, instead he offers advice and helps you see the silver lining. It’s no wonder he is so respected amongst his peers and students. Nick McDaniels knows his stuff. He’s one you want in your corner. His knowledge of the law, court room proceedings, possible outcomes and other solutions made me feel confident that all would work out for the best. Yeah! sure it’s nice to get a lawyer who is all about business. But how do you know they care enough to really fight for you? You don’t, because they only speak the language of law. Nicholas McDaniels wears his humanity proudly. He took my case, one that was doomed to fail and put on his armor and went to work for me. He made it possible for myself and my kids to spend time with my mother who was dying and to get extra time to secure another place. I can say with all honesty that, had I not contacted Nicholas McDaniels about my case, we would be homeless right now. He is the BEST.”– Tiffany

“My congregation and I were facing the trial of our lives and our legacy was threatened. Foreign real estate investors had taken our property through unlawful tax sale. Many other attorneys turned us down, but Nick confidently reviewed and accepted our case and fought it as if he were the litigant himself. With precision and dexterity, he wrote an emergency motion that secured an express stay of eviction for us which was the beginning of our convincing victory in what turns out to be a precedent setting case in our town. Can’t begin to imagine where we might be were it not for him and his team of legal flying aces. He’s absolutely a force to be reckoned with, tenaciously effecting results for those he represents.”– Mark

“Nic is a very personable lawyer. He made my home sale transaction seamless and enjoyable. Was able whenever I needed clarification or just legal advice.”– Richard

“Nick is not only an incredible lawyer and a fantastic advocate for his clients, he is someone who seeks true justice and he is a kind and empathetic person. He was truly the answer to my prayers. When I felt like I had nowhere to turn Nick believed in me and took my case. He exceeded my expectations at every turn and is an honest, hardworking, and genuinely exceptional human being. He is always accessible via email and text message and is quick to reassure and maintain a calm demeanor when your emotions may get the better of you. I really can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me!!!”– Ruchama C.

“He is so helpful! Willing to go out of his way to help families out! So thankful he was part of a difficult time, his time, energy, and kindness was very appreciated! Thank you!”– Jenny

“Nick has been very helpful to us in handling several landlord/tenant matters. He is extremely knowledgeable, assessable and always professional. We would highly recommend him to others.”– Jenny

“He is a very nice man and he listens to our concerns , he helped my Son who is a US MARINE pilot who owns his 1st house with a lease for his rental.”– Tim

“Nick was extremely helpful in getting us set up with our will. He thoroughly explained each part of the process, kept in contact with us regularly and was very flexible in finding the times to meet with us.”– Samuel

“I could not agree more with each one of the followers here. Mr. McDaniels exceeded my expectations, as I was not the one who initially contacted him. So, since I was on the other side, I did not expect much from him. He surprised me a great deal. He was neutral, courteous, diligent, task and results oriented, and super understanding to get the task right and fair. What I have appreciated the most with Mr. McDaniels has been his excellent communication skills and diligence. He has advised me on each simple steps that he has been taking towards completing the tasks. This appeases any client’s anxiety and/or fear that may be experienced during any legal process. I could keep going on and on, but I do not want to overdo it. The next client (s) get my point. If you want to talk with me further, do not hesitate to private message. Mr. McDaniels did not ask me to write this review. I choose to write reviews for everyone who treats me genuinely and cordially as a person before seeing me as a client and/or customer. Mr. McDaniels is one of them!”– Annel M.

“Nick was remarkably helpful at a processing a title transfer for us. He was also helpful with a consumer negligence case that we discussed at length.”– Bryan

“Mr. McDaniels did an excellent job preparing my will and advanced directive. He was able to provide the usual services as well as accommodate unusual requests (leaving assets to animals, death with dignity) without any problems. I would highly recommend him.”– Kim

“Mr. McDaniels was extremely helpful with a legal issue I consulted him on with my practice offering me extremely knowledgeable and helpful advice and legal service.”– Steven M.

“Mr. McDaniels was very precise with his work. He worked very hard and fought for me. He strategized and knew the law to every letter. He did research and was knowledgeable about whatever was thrown at him.from my exhusband’s attorney. I walked away a happy, divorced, single client. If you are looking for an honest, hard working lawyer to represent you Mr. McDaniels is your guy. I refer everyone to him even if it’s not what he handles because I know he’ll put them in the right hands.”– Erica

“Mr. McDaniels is my go to lawyer. Whenever I have an issue or concern, I contact him and he helps me get all of my legal documents in order. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.”– Nikia

“Hiring Nick McDaniels to help settle my case was a client’s dream come true. Nick got me the settlement I asked for without any of the headache. His clients are his passion. Highly recommended, 10/10 experience. Don’t hesitate to give him a call!”– Scott T.

“What an incredible law firm. While most of us don’t want to end up in a situation where we need a lawyer, the fact is – the guys here made the entire process so smooth for me. I got the pleasure to work with both Ryan and Nick and neither ever made me feel rushed. In fact, they often went out of their way to walk me through everything, were very responsive and ultimately got me the outcome I needed.”– Diana K.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Nick and Ryan several times and the service they provide is absolutely top notch. They are true experts, consummate professionals and incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. I would highly, highly recommend them if you are in need of legal services.”– Peter S.

“Nick McDaniels is incredibly helpful, honest, and trustworthy – and it can be hard to find an attorney with these characteristics. He drafted our wills, power of attorney forms, and advanced health directives and answered all of our questions along the way. He takes his time to make sure his clients are well informed and always make himself available when we have follow up questions. He also helped me navigate the insurance process following a car accident. You can really tell he knows what he’s doing but also cares about his clients, which means a lot to me!”– Aarti S.

“Excellent firm. Very responsive, cordial, and funny too which is a plus when dealingwith the stress of the legal system. Experts in employment matters and real estate legal ins and outs. The counsel and advice of the LewisMcDaniels has helped several people I’ve known and never did them wrong. Was a pleasure to do business with them. 10/10 highly recommend.”– Mike S.

“Nick was kind and patient the entire time he worked on my case. He was always available to answer any questions and always explained all of the options that I had. I highly recommend him! He is very knowledgeable and efficient.”– Ashton L.

“My mother was working with Mr. McDaniels to sort out a complicated clerical error on a second mortgage, that prevented the bank from foreclosing her house. When my mother had a stroke earlier this year I began to assist my mother with the process and Nick was always professional, courteous, and patient with my mother’s situation. He provided excellent service and results at a very reasonable fee. It’s clear that Nick is in this field to help people not to make a quick buck off of others unfortunate situations. I would definitely recommend LewisMcdaniels to anyone that needs legal assistance. Our experience was nothing short of stellar.”– Philip Z.

“Highly recommend this team for any legal services needed, best I’ve worked with.”– Matthew C.

“I Highly recommend LewisMcDaniels …Since day 1, Nick not only kept his word to doing his very best to get my case expunge but he showed he cared as well. Nick fought hard for me till the very end, even when obstacles arose. He had faith even when I did not which helped me to calm my nerves. He even helped me to understand how certain legal politics go. Each time we went to court I felt confident that I was being represented very well. Thanks to Nick, I was able to end my probation early, get my record expunged, and finally move on with my life.”– Kevin A.

“Nick took such good care of us with our legal issues involving an incompatible tenant. He handled delicate situations adeptly and got the job done so we felt safe in our own home again. He was constantly there for us when we needed him. I frequently recommend him to all my friends and he is the first person I call when I need legal help! He is honest and the real deal.”– Rachael G.

“Mr. McDaniels goes above and beyond to assist his clients. He has been particularly patient with me given that I am not familiar with legal process and I ask questions about everything.”– Nikia K.

“Mr. McDaniels assisted me with establishing a new business and discussing many employee-related topics. I have referred my clients and friends to him, as I very much trust and value his expertise. Mr. McDaniels went above and beyond to make it easy and convenient to work with him. I highly recommend!”– Christopher R.

“Mr. McDaniels was sympathetic to our issue. He was available when necessary. The case had a favorable outcome.”– Michele A.

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