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Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! (301) 686-5331

Getting To Grips With Real Estate Tax Sales In Baltimore, MD

What Exactly Are Real Estate Tax Sales?

Real estate tax sales in Baltimore, MD, play a key role in helping the county government recoup tax revenue lost due to property owners defaulting on their tax payments. Baltimore mainly has two types of tax sales: tax lien sales and tax deed sales. These sales present an excellent chance for investors to make a secure and often advantageous investment with little market risk.

Exploring Tax Lien Sales In Baltimore

In a tax lien sale, what the county government in Baltimore does is sell the right to the tax lien on a property. Investors are bidding on something other than the property itself but on the unpaid tax debt. Essentially, the investor is lending money to the property owner to cover these taxes. Public sales, like auctions, are held by the county where these liens can be bought.

After buying a lien, the investor gets the top spot in the lien position on the title. This is crucial because it means the investor's claim is prioritized over almost all other private liens, except for state tax liens. Investors can look forward to earning lucrative interest rates, often between 16 to 24 percent, when the property owner settles the lien.


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Understanding Tax Deed Sales In Baltimore

A man using a calculator and examining a house model - LewisMcDaniels Tax deed sales in Baltimore are a bit different. Here, the property's deed is auctioned off. The highest bidder gets full ownership of the property, including all rights and titles, and the property is free from liens, mortgages, or deeds of trust. Typically, properties are sold for the back taxes owed plus any additional fees, allowing investors to snag properties much below market value.

Finding Your Way To Tax Sales In Baltimore

If you're interested in a tax sale in Baltimore, your first step should be contacting the county government office. They'll give you the lowdown on upcoming sales and the properties involved. You should also contact a local attorney with experience handling tax liens, deeds, and tax sales before an auction or connect with new lien or deed owners for potential resale opportunities. An attorney can help you do the homework on the property's value and title status, which is critical to reducing risk and maximizing profit.

What's A Tax Sales Attorney’s Role?

A tax sales attorney is indispensable in Baltimore's real estate tax sales. They are experts in the laws and procedures governing tax sales and will help guide you successfully through the sale or lien acquisition process. A qualified legal professional from LewisMcDaniels provides crucial guidance and representation, navigating the complexities of tax sale laws. They help you understand the procedures, manage your bids, and meet all legal requirements. Buyers benefit from their expertise in securing good deals while complying with legal procedures. This is particularly important when you are buying multiple tax liens or doing so from abroad or afar. A Tax Sales Attorney is a critical ally in the high-stakes world of real estate tax sales.

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What Tax Sale Attorneys Can Do For You

Business professionals collaborating, surrounded by papers and graphs, strategizing on a table - LewisMcDaniels A Baltimore Tax Sale Attorney offers a range of services:
  • Breaking down the tax sale process in Baltimore.
  • Reviewing the title of a property in a tax sale.
  • Helping prepare bids for tax sale properties.
  • Representing clients during the tax sale.
  • Ensuring clients get clear title to properties bought in tax sales.
  • Litigating any disputes or challenges on the lien.
  • Handling the lien foreclosure process for you in Baltimore.
When looking for a tax sales attorney in Baltimore, it is crucial to find someone with deep experience in local tax sale laws. Ask about their track record, how they charge, and the services they provide. An attorney with a solid grasp of Baltimore's tax sale scene is vital to navigating this intricate law area.

LewisMcDaniels: Your Go-To Tax Sale Law Firm in Baltimore, MD

At LewisMcDaniels, we're all about Tax Sales And Tax Lien Litigation. Our team, led by attorney Ryan Lewis, is committed to offering top-notch legal services in real estate tax sales. Whether you're a local investor eyeing a specific property or a foreign client looking for an intelligent investment in Baltimore's tax lien or tax deed sales, you have come to the right place. Our tax sales attorneys’ deep knowledge of Baltimore's tax sales and laws gives our clients the best shot at taking advantage of these unique and lucrative opportunities. Call us now at (301) 686-5331 to get started investing in Baltimore real estate using Tax Sales and liens.

Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

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