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Tax Liens are created when a property owner is significantly behind on their property taxes. Rather than waste money chasing after these taxes, the Maryland county government creates tax liens on these properties and auctions those liens off to investors like you.

This allows the government to recover that much-needed tax money and allows you to make a very unique purchase. Not only will interest and fees quickly add up on the money now owed to you as the owner of the tax lien certificate, but if the owner fails to pay up in time, lawyers like us can help you foreclose on the property.

This means that a simple up-front investment, such as the purchase of a bundle of liens during an annual Maryland county tax sale, can easily net you a tidy return or one or more properties ready to flip, renovate, or develop.

What Makes Maryland Tax Liens Such Promising Investment Opportunities?

Tax lien certificates are an opportunity that attracts bidders from across the state, country, and world, year after year. From large investment funds like those that attorney Ryan Lewis helped raise millions to individual buyers from China looking for a foothold in US real estate, tax liens have something to offer each and every one of our clients.

This is because tax liens offer a unique combination of security, stability, and high potential yield. They are secure because the tax lien certificate is produced by the government for a specific debt; at worst, you will recover that debt exactly. More likely, however, is that you will earn a return as fees and interest accumulate on the debt before it can get repaid. In a small but significant number of cases, you’ll end up with Maryland property for a fraction of the cost.

What Can A Tax Lien Lawyer Do For You?

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to assist Maryland tax lien investors. With our deep understanding of Maryland laws and extensive experience handling tax lien investment, we are well-equipped to guide you through each step of the process:

  • We help clients near and far identify promising properties and assess risks.
  • We’ll help you navigate the registration process for different Maryland county tax sales.
  • We can provide bidding advice and guidance leading up to and during the tax sale.
  • Once you have acquired tax lien certificates, we will guide you through the requirements and procedures for collecting the debt, fees, and additional interest you are due.
  • If the owner does not pay within the deadline and you wish to pursue a foreclosure, you will certainly need an attorney to help you secure a clear title on that property.

We can step in and help at any stage of the process; whether you are concerned with the duration of the lien process, obtaining a clear title, or unsure how to handle situations where the property owner is deceased or cannot be located, our dedicated team of attorneys will provide personalized guidance to secure your desired outcome.

How Long Is The Expected Tax Lien Process?

Tax liens become available during annual tax sales, which usually happen in spring, though the exact date varies by Maryland county. However, you should begin the investment process earlier by looking over prospective properties (or hiring an attorney to do so) and registering for the tax sale auctions.

Once you have one or more tax lien certificates, you can begin seeking payment by the delinquent property owners. During the first few months, you will be unable to add additional fees or interest, but starting at roughly the fourth-month mark, those can add up fast.

Finally, after nine months (for most counties), you can start foreclosure procedures on properties you wish to acquire that have not yet paid back their debt. With a skilled lawyer’s help, you could be looking at a property acquisition within half a year or less.

Why Choose LewisMcDaniels To Be Your Tax Lien Attorney?

Choosing the best legal representation possible is crucial when dealing with tax liens in Maryland. We deeply understand Maryland's tax lien laws and the local legal landscape, demonstrated by our proven track record of successful tax lien investments for our clients.

We take a personalized approach, tailoring our strategies to meet your specific needs, means, and objectives. From foreign investors, to local contractors, and major banks and funds, we are experienced in helping you acquire and profit from Maryland tax liens in each and every county.

Time is ticking, however, as Maryland tax lien sales only occur in the spring. So reach out to our team today for a consultation, and allow us to assist you in taking advantage of Maryland’s profitable tax lien investment opportunities.


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