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Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! (301) 686-5331

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The innate beauty of tax lien investments is that they offer anyone the opportunity to invest. Getting started, however, can sometimes be challenging.

You may not have all the necessary information, or it may be inaccurate. Sometimes, unique circumstances may arise, and you may need help figuring out how to proceed.

Meet LewisMcDaniels, your Germantown, MD premier tax lien investment firm. We have all the information you need to successfully start your tax lien investment journey. We can walk you through the process, or if you’ve already started, assess any blind spots you may have.

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What Are Tax Liens?

Tax Lien Settlement Lawyer, Germantown, MD

Tax liens are unpaid charges on a property. When someone hasn’t paid property tax, a tax lien can be placed on the property. This is essentially an outstanding debt owed by the homeowner.

What Is Tax Lien Investing?

When the government places a property tax lien on someone’s home, the owner is behind on property taxes. This creates a burden on the homeowner.

Essentially, the tax lien is placed by the local government. This means that the debt to the government comes before any debts to any creditors. The LewisMcDaniels firm has years of experience with real estate tax law and can help you understand the tax liens most beneficial for you.

Tax liens can always be paid off, but sometimes the amount is too high. Typically, the homeowner will be issued a timeframe in which payment needs to be made, or the lien will be sold.

An individual who buys this tax lien assumes the burden of debt, meaning they agree to pay the local government the due taxes, including any fees. So, if you buy the tax lien, you pay the local government, settling the debt between the homeowner and the locality.

Now, you can receive interest payments from the homeowner, who is now paying you back for paying on their behalf. So many people choose tax lien investing because of the interest payments. You are paid in installments that include accrued interest.

It is important to understand real estate tax laws so that your investment pays off and you aren’t at a loss.


Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

Is Tax Lien Investing Guaranteed

Tax Lien Settlement Lawyer, Germantown, MD

Just like any investment opportunity, there are certain risks involved. LewisMcDaniels is not an investing firm, but we take pride in our real estate tax law knowledge. With this knowledge and experience, we are able to help our Germantown, MD, clients get started confidently in their tax lien investing endeavors.

Typically, if a homeowner fails to pay the tax lien owner, they will default. Defaulting on the tax lien means the tax lien owner doesn’t recoup the payment made to the local government or the interest payments.

If a homeowner files for bankruptcy, there is still a chance that you can recoup your initial tax lien payment. Keep in mind that bankruptcy comes with its own set of procedures regarding debt collection. You have rights as the lien holder. The best way to recoup your losses is with the help of an experienced tax lien settlement lawyer.

Then there is foreclosure. If a homeowner files for foreclosure, you may still be able to recoup any losses as a due payment creditor. In unique cases, you could be awarded property rights if the outstanding debt owed to you is significant enough.

LewisMcDaniels: Premier Germantown, MD Tax Lien Settlement Lawyer

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Are you looking for a tax lien settlement lawyer in Germantown, MD? Many people don’t know what their options are when it comes to tax lien settlements. Often, they don’t believe they will get anything, let alone recoup their initial investment.

You do have options and rights. Even though all investments come with some risk, you deserve a chance to recoup what you’ve lost. With the help of an experienced team like LewisMcDaniels, you’ll be prepared for your case.

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Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

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