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Invest In One Of The Most Exciting Suburbs Of D.C. With Silver Spring Tax Liens

Tax Liens Lawyer Silver Spring Maryland

Are you looking to snap up affordable property in the rapidly gentrifying D.C. suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland? Consider investing in Tax Lien purchases with the help of Tax Sale attorney Ryan Lewis.

Property values have soared in Montgomery County over the last couple of decades as the population of the Maryland county rose dramatically. Few places are so emblematic of this shift than Silver Spring, just over the border from Washington D.C. where urban renovation and the arrival of mass transit have given rise to rapidly increasing property values, and taxes.

This makes Silver Spring and other areas like it a particularly tempting target for real estate investors near and far. Fortunately, rising property values and taxes create potent and attractive investment opportunities in the form of tax lien sales.

Tax sales allow investors like you to purchase tax liens, unpaid property tax debts, obtaining the debt to be repaid, or the right to foreclose on the home should it remain unpaid. With the help of an experienced attorney to guide you through the process, you could easily acquire a considerable number of high-return investments, and might even end up with the properties themselves.


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What Are Silver Spring Tax Liens?

Tax Liens Lawyer Silver Spring Maryland

As an area like Silver Spring experiences a rise in property values, the property taxes for homes and businesses go up accordingly. When individuals or companies cannot pay these taxes or refuse to do so in Montgomery County, the government puts a Tax Lien on that property.

Tax liens are essentially certificates of debt, which say the debtor must pay back the amount (plus additional interest and fees) or risk losing their home to foreclosure.

Every year, tax sales are held on different dates in each Maryland County, during which these liens are sold individually or in bulk to investors who bid on them. This auction allows investors to acquire those tax liens and the right to claim the debt or foreclose the home if it is unpaid.

How Can A Lawyer Help Tax Lien Investors Profit In Silver Spring, Maryland

As counselors and high school students in Montgomery County write and worry about gentrification forcing Silver Spring families to leave the area, investors should focus on what they are leaving behind. With the purple line pushing housing prices up and up, taxes are rising, and more and more property owners will fall behind on their payments and end up with Tax Liens against them.

That does not mean, however, that riding in and buying up as many tax liens as you can is anything close to a good or guaranteed investment. There are always risks and costs involved, which Maryland Tax Lien lawyers at LewisMcDaniels can help you mitigate or avoid.

Which Silver Spring Tax Liens Make For Good Maryland Investments?

While tax lien certificates are far cheaper than buying a home or property directly, not every tax lien that goes on sale in Silver Spring makes for a good investment.

First, you’ll need to figure out what kind of investment you are looking for. If your objective is purely financial returns, then you probably want tax liens with a high likelihood of being repaid, as the fees and interests that get added on make for an excellent source of returns.

On the other hand, if your objective is the property itself, you’ll want the opposite: tax liens which are unlikely to be redeemed. However, if the properties themselves have low or no value, then that could be a disastrous investment, so you have to be particular.

A lawyer will help you identify the tax liens that match your desired outcome, as well as walk you through the complex tax sale procedures.

Walking You Through The Tax Lien Requirements And Procedures

Tax liens represent substantial investment opportunities and considerable legal obligations and rights.  The average investor, even professionals and companies, are not familiar with the ins and outs of Maryland Tax Sales, which also vary from County to County.

Navigating the purchase of tax liens requires several key steps, many of which you are unlikely to be qualified to do on your own. First, you’ll need to do extensive research to identify the properties for sale, assess their value as an investment opportunity, and then submit the required bids and paperwork to make the bid and hopefully get your hands on the tax lien.

Once you do have the certificate of sale of the tax lien, the work is not done. Someone has to communicate with the current owner to try and recover the debt due, which is a procedure that has its own timeline, legal requirements, and potential outcomes. For example, a lawyer will know when and how you can add the interests and fees that make tax liens so profitable.

A tax sale attorney like Ryan Lewis will also be able to handle your Silver Spring property foreclosure claim if the owners do not redeem that tax lien.

Attorney Assistance For Silver Spring Tax Lien Foreclosures

While the majority of tax lien investors will see a substantial return on their investment when their tax lien is redeemed by the owner. Some owners cannot, or will not, pay back the tax lien debt, which means you, as the holder of the tax lien certificate, can now make a claim to repossess the home in court.

This foreclosure is not automatic, however, and requires its own fair share of paperwork, procedures, and notifications and might be challenged in court. If you are ultimately hoping to end up with the property in your name, having an experienced tax lien foreclosure attorney on your side is vital.


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Make Promising Investments With Silver Spring Maryland Tax Lien Attorney

Tax Liens Lawyer Silver Spring Maryland

LewisMcDaniels | Helping you make big real estate investments in Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland.

If you are keen on investing in the DC real estate market or looking for a unique opportunity in Montgomery County, Maryland, you could do far worse than purchasing Silver Spring Tax Liens.

Get started investing in Washington D.C. region’s hot housing market by taking advantage of rising taxes and defaults to make impressive returns or collect property at low costs with the help of tax lien attorney Ryan Lewis.

Ryan Lewis has helped major investors and investment companies, including clients around the world, make major investments in Maryland tax liens. The tax sale for Montgomery County and Silver Spring is right around the corner. Don’t let this year's opportunity pass you by; call (301) 686-5331 now or book an appointment online.


Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

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