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What Is The Frederick Tax Sale Process Like For Maryland Investors

Tax Sale Process Frederick Maryland

If you are an investor with an eye for profitable opportunities, tax lien lawyer Ryan Lewis can help you navigate the upcoming tax sale in Frederick, Maryland.

In Frederick, Maryland, on the second Monday of May, an auspicious annual event takes place. It isn’t a crowd-raiser, nor is it a big draw among Marylanders or DC residents. But it does draw in wealthy folks and companies from around the world.

It is the annual tax sale for tax liens of properties that are substantially behind on their taxes, during which investors from around the world can acquire these tax lien certificates. The tax liens they will acquire during the tax sale are not only a profitable investment but also a very real chance at acquiring Maryland real estate properties in Frederick.

Whether you are hearing about tax lien sales for the first time or are an old hat of the tax sale world, Maryland lawyer Ryan Lewis is here to walk you through the Frederick tax sale process and timeline, which has changed somewhat over the last few years. But first, for those who are not familiar with the concept, a brief introduction.

Why Should Investors Be Excited About Tax Sales, And Why Frederick, Maryland, In Particular?

For those who are not yet in the loop about tax sales, time to be let in on one of the Maryland real estate world’s best, worst-kept secrets. While Tax Sales don’t drum up a lot of noise and press, they are certainly worth paying attention to.

They occur each year to help the County government recover losses from unpaid property taxes. The liens of the delinquent properties are put up for auction, and the highest biggers walk away with a certificate of that lien after paying the taxes owed. Now, the property owner owes that amount to the investor who covered their debt, plus interest and fees, or they risk losing their home or business to that investor via foreclosure.

Since these tax liens are sound and solid investments with a reliable rate of return and a potentially substantial payout, they are often bought in bulk by big investment companies or specifically targeted by contractors, renovators, house flippers, or even international investors looking for a foothold on US soil.

Frederick, as Maryland's second biggest city, only a short hop from DC, with a reviving historic district and an influx of Biotech money, is a particularly tempting spot at the moment as rising property values and taxes push even more properties into default, all while making them even more attractive purchases.


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Frederick, Maryland, Tax Sale Lawyer Walkthrough

Tax Sale Process Frederick Maryland

Every County in Maryland handles its Tax Sale separately. That means that investors face a whole host of different timelines, dates, procedures, research, and regulations to understand and follow through on. That is one reason why most savvy tax lien investors lean heavily on the services of lawyers like Ryan Lewis, who can accompany them throughout the tax sale process in each and every Maryland county.

For example, here is the surface-level breakdown of the Frederick County tax sale process and timeline.

Step 1: Registration

At the start of April, online registration opens for the Frederick County Tax Sale. There is a flat fee (non-refundable) for registration, but it is relatively low, $100, and exists mostly as a barrier to entry for non-serious bidders and flaky or insolvent investors.

Registration closes near the end of April, so the window is relatively narrow.

Step 2: Properties Get Listed

Delinquent property owners are notified in mid-March so that they can have a final chance to pay their taxes. If they do not, however, their property will be published in mid-April on the list of tax liens to be sold at the auction.

Step 3: Research And Visit

The property list is published repeatedly both online and in local newspapers. It is done so early in the spring to give investors and potential buyers a chance to study the properties and consider their bids. Ideally, this involves a visit to the property to evaluate your chances of being paid back or your exit strategy if you end up foreclosing on it.

In practice, it is difficult for most investors, especially international ones, to do this legwork, which is one more reason why many work with local specialists like Ryan Lewis.

Step 4: Bid On Tax Liens Or Tax Lien Bundles During The Tax Sale

On the second Monday of May, the Frederick County tax sale auction happens online. During the auction, the properties go up in batches throughout the morning and afternoon, allowing registered bidders to lay claim to individual tax lien certificates or bundles of them.

By the end of the day, all property’s liens will have been sold, and the debts have been paid. Now, the liens are in the investors' hands.

Step 5: Collect On The Tax Lien

Over the next three months, debtors have the chance to pay the outstanding debt plus accumulated interest. After that, investors can add even more fees and interest to the debt on a month-to-month basis, causing your profits to creep up. Finally, if they have still not paid you back after nine months, you can begin a foreclosure procedure to seize the property if you want it.

Given the complexities involved, especially with the collection and foreclosure procedures, it is often more effective and efficient to get a lawyer’s help than try to muddle through on your own, especially when you consider that Frederick is just one of the many cities across all the Counties of Maryland that you should be attending the Tax Sale for.


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Get A Lawyer On Your Side Ahead Of The Frederick Tax Sale

Tax Sale Process Frederick Maryland

LewisMcDaniels | The tax lien lawyers you need to help you through the Frederick County tax sale or any other Maryland tax sale investment opportunity.

Whether you have been looking to invest in Tax Sales in Maryland or are only now hearing about this unique opportunity, the Frederick tax sale should be on your radar. Unfortunately, time is already ticking for this year's sale, so if you have not yet contacted a local lawyer about the upcoming tax sale, now is the time.

Tax Sale attorney Ryan Lewis has helped investors make millions in tax liens and is now ready to help you do the same. Call his office now at (301) 686-5331 before time runs out for this year’s tax sale opportunity!


Talk To A Tax Lien Expert Today! | (301) 686-5331

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